The following gallery is divided into three different sections, which correspond to certain chapters of Geisers' live.

The shown paintings are just a fraction of his entire work. 

a unique artist

In tireless search for creative means of expression, Geiser paid particular attention to the combination of different types of materials, achieving unique effects. From concisely executed works that are reminiscent of a “Zen Haiku” in colours, to incredibly colourful and meaningful paintings that are linked to a polyphonic symphony - everything is present in the versatile work of J.A Geiser.


Despite Geisers excursions into different styles of expression, he remained an absolutely distinctive master with his own recognizable style. His paintings, variant in style, perfectly convey his search for a new, essential, sacred presence hidden behind visible forms of existence. This ever-present atmosphere creates harmony and life in his work. In this context, I would like to mention Paul Klee's philosophy, which corresponds very well with Geiser’s work and his understanding of art.


“We used to show visible things that we loved or wanted to see. Today we are revealing the reality behind the visible, expressing the belief that the visible world is only a special case in relation to the universe and that there are many other hidden realities. Art does not reproduce what we see, but lets us see."


Geiser's paintings grant the felling of these hidden realities. The artist himself has repeatedly mentioned that you should not perceive his pictures with the mind but with the heart. He encourages you to feel more than understand what is hidden in his works.

The great plenitude or the respect for earthly existence


a text by J.A Geiser


It is the respect, the wonder of existence that speaks from my paintings. It is the attention to life and its potential that my paintings live. They show the great plenitude, the wealth of human existence and the scarcely exhausted possibilities of the loving self. As you can see, the words are not suitable for this kindness and generosity. How can the divine sojourn under a tree be described? The purity of the wind, the dance of the leaves, the delicacy of the fairies, the strength and love of the tree, this world of light remains indescribable for me. With my paintings I give impulses to cultivate the extremely rich inner life, the immense preciousness of the earthly existence, the gentle growth of the inner divine qualities quietly and joyfully for the own good and thus for the benefit of all beings. My paintings convey the wonderful possibilities of creative power that lives in each of us. That is the cultural uprising. It is the respectful, mindful focus and thus nourishing one's own life in fullness and beauty, in dignity and personal responsibility. My paintings are this reference, but you have to correct your thoughts yourself if they hardly correspond to dignity, love or joy. My paintings are an encouragement to consciously live your own life in your own creative power. This is exactly what is stored in all my paintings.

With great gratitude and in admiration of the indescribable, wonderful existence.


Yours, Josef Anton Geiser

Il Maestro Giuseppe


Written sitting under a beautiful apple tree, supported by the warmth and clarity of the sun, by the good, good earth, by the clear wind, by many animals that sing around and celebrate life, by the quiet traffic that reminds me of other worlds, from the rooster, which is now crowing and encourages me to take a walk, the rustling of leaves, the pigeons, my own body and soul support this invitation.                    


July 8, 2003 J.A. Geiser

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