Geisers' Art - Unique, Colourful and Everlasting

Geiser began his career as a successful banker and art collector. Working in a bank in Zurich, he gains knowledge in financial transactions, especially in the field of art. This experience deepens Geisers interest in the world of arts and thus contributes to his further creative search and his self-expression through painting. Due to his great connections in the world of art and banking, his personal collection of interesting paintings begins to grow . He starts to meet a variety of artist on different exhibitions.

These friendships with established, world-recognized artists help the young artist to find his individual creative path. As Geiser often stated, his meetings with Pablo Picasso had a magnificent influence on his works. The philosophy this great master and his practical advices, helped Geiser manifesting his own creative painting style.

J. A. Geiser’s paintings are filled with a new vision and reflect the many facets of his talent, his artistic ability, his individuality, his exceptional energy and his spirituality.

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