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The Art House Geiser is pleased to present the oeuvre of the artist Josef Anton Geiser


Josef Anton Geiser (alias: Ios/Jos, Anurodha, ABEA Geiser), born in Switzerland. He enlivened this earth with an incredibly versatile and authentic art. The fantastic colour combinations shown on his canvases have an incredibly hypnotic attraction, an inimitable colour movement.

Geiser's work is undoubtedly a national cultural heritage. It is highly spiritual art, that is inspired by a special philosophical view and stands out from the modern rhythm of life, trends, ideologies and world order. His paintings can be a great inspiration and discovery for lovers of deep, philosophical art.

"I see the colours in me and I bring them onto the canvas with my brush. 

Thus, I am actually inside and outside, experiencing that I am the colour with which I paint."

Anurodha Josef Geiser

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